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Crashes and not really help from the support

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Hi everyone, am I the only one where fl is crashing every day after around 100-200 actions.

I created a ticket a week ago since it happened after updating to 2.5.7

so I asked in the first contact for the version 2.5.6 and after five back and forth i got a lot not helpful tips but not the version 2.5.6, then in the last conversation the support wrote me here is the link to 2.5.7 (no joke) and when I try to open the 40mb file it was not possible to open.

I upgraded my whole system to win 10 and it didn't help and the new update 2.5.8 repeats this crashes.

So it would be really helpful if some actually tries to help

2018/02/07 11:24:34
Don't worry.

Which button did you click before it crashed please? Any details to share to us please?

Also what is your ticket number please?

You'd better update FollowingLike to the latest version to run.

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