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Account again..

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I can verify email at botchief editor, And I can make a account, thanks to you.

But When I play the modul at botchief with multithreads, all the window write the same email address for verificatio, definitely denied...

I have 2 questions and 1 demand..

2 Questions

1. How can I creat the account without duplication of verification email?

2. How Can I reserve the ID and password? variable is not stored?

1 demand

I think your program is good for beginner like me.

But explanation is so weak. That make me sick.

Can you give me some sample of operation modul?

Then I can understand more easily the process.

Good luck to you
2014/09/06 05:55:17

1. You need create an init global table variable, then save the emails in the table list, then your bot can use the email one by one.

1.1 You need set the table to be an init and global variable.
1.2. You can create some new local and store string variable.
1.3. Create a Variable Operate command and select the table variable in the Variable Operate, then Select "Get value(s) from table" in the Processing way list. Then you can set the string variables to get values from the columns of the table, then checked the box "Remove row after get value(s)" and select "Remove row" or "Remove row and add the row to the last of the table" in the list.
1.4. Save it.

1.5. By this way, every thread will use a new row to run the bot.

2. Save the created the id and pw? In BotChief Editor, you can use the scrape action to save id and pw into string variables, and use End action to set the saved string variables as return values. Then in botchief, you can select to save the return values.

3. we are making a details manual, but need some time.

Let's ROCK!
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