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Akpasen Jerry

Spinnerchief 5 Ultimate is a game changer.

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They say "Seeing is believing". I paid for Spinnerchief 4 few days before the launch of SC5. Unfortunately the Super Spin button was not visible in my SC4. I was not happy about the whole thing because i was eager to test the software after all the positive things i read about it on the internet. I posted what i was going through on the forum. John got in touch with me and instructed i should hold on that the new version was almost ready. To my greatest surprise he sent me an email this morning that i should check my Whitehatbox app and download SC5. Honestly i was not expecting something pretty far from SC4, but everything about SC5 truly knocked me off my feet. You know what? Please save that Wordai comparison, Spinnerchief 5 Ultimate has taken content creation to a whole new level. There is no content creation software like Spinnerchief 5 Ultimate in the industry.
2017/06/12 11:30:07

Very thanks for your praise and support.

Any problem for it, please feel free to contact us.

2017/06/18 10:58:07

I have been informed by a forum that the SC5 is better than SpinRewriter.

And now see your posting

This is getting exciting!

Thank you

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2017/07/24 00:15:23
Thanks for your post :)
Let's ROCK!
Rogério Alves da Rocha
2019/11/26 01:45:11
Muito bom o 5 vers?o boa
Rogério Alves da Rocha
2019/11/26 01:51:03
muito boa
Rogério Alves da Rocha
2019/11/26 01:53:17
Rogério Alves da Rocha
2019/11/26 01:53:48
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