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Email Operation

ReplyThanks 2017/04/22 06:28:44 0 0
Well I am loving the automation of this thing and the fact that it is pretty easy to understand. I have an issue with the e-mail operations though. I am trying to send an e-mail from my Gmail account and the operation is failing. I made sure that the SMTP server was correct as well as requiring SSL and the port number per google's instructions. Also made sure both POP# and IMAP were enabled for my Gmail account and turned on "allow less secure apps" under the account settings. Has anyone else successfully used the sendEmail operation to work with Gmail?

2017/04/22 10:42:03
Hi, which program are you using? Can you send me the correct name? We will check it and then reply to you asap.
2017/04/26 02:08:59
I was using the BotChiefEditor 4.3.4 to attempt to send an e-mail with the "Send Email" command under Email Operation. After filling in the required information for the command ie SMTP server address, username, etc it fails to connect to Google's SMTP server to send the e-mail through.

2017/04/26 11:52:51

Hi, please check this action document of BotChief. On the Email Operation category, you can find the method about how to use the Receive email action.


Please let me know if you still meet problem.

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