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trying to add string to end of url

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Operating System:Windows 7

Operating System Bit:32bit

Software Version:6.1 build 7601 service pack 1

under action settings in processing way I select appends the string in dropdown works fine but then I go to added string and shows white box (not greyed out) but I cannot add anything in there. I need to add to a domain name there in order to append the url with different usernames but clicking in the white area in added string box wont allow any input.

2016/12/21 21:41:51

Hello, very sorry that we cannot understand what you mean, please send the screenshot of the problem to us.

Have a nice day!!!

2016/12/22 19:03:31
I posted the image and cannot move forward without this fix
2016/12/22 19:54:29
You have checked the 'use variable' option, so you can not add text manually.
In your example, if you want to add a string manually to the 'url' variable, you must use two actions:
  1. The first action, to add the string you want ('use variable' unchecked).
  2. The second action, with the option 'use variable' checked, to add the users that is stored in the variable 'username'
2016/12/22 20:48:18

@Miguel Thanks for your reply.
Hi jenrib, below the Added string tab, there are three options you can select: Blank text, Use variable, and Use special string. Which means you only can select one option among the three each time.
On the blank text, you can input any text you want.
Check the Use variable, you can select the variable in the dropdown box.
Check the Use special string, you can separate your variable using special symbol.
Wish this is clear.

Have a nice day!!!

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