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Variable operate delete table row not working

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Operating System:Windows Server 2012

Operating System Bit:64bit

Software Version:4.1.9

Not sure why is not deleting a row from a table when using get values from table on variable operate function. I've setup the table variable as a local variable but when i run the module on the runner it doesn't work

2016/10/26 12:48:42

It will not delete within the BotChief Editor, But if you were to go through and run it in the runner it would if you had it looping through. In the Editor the values you input are like test values. If you run the bot and have it looping it will eventually stop but once you run it again the values will be there for the next test! If you are planning on running multiple threads and want the variables to delete and the next value to be used by the other threads you will also need to make sure to use a global variable. Hope this helps!


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2016/10/26 22:54:15
I have tested and it works normal. If you use multiple threads and want each thread get a different row, you need set the variable to a Global variable.
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