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Conditional Action ("IF" action) not working.

ReplyThanks 2016/10/07 13:41:40 1 0

Operating System:Windows 7

Operating System Bit:64bit

Software Version:4.1.5


I have a program that worked with ealier versions of botchief (and runner) but not when it uses the inequality var(double) <, >, or <> it always comes shows false. Even when it is < or > than the variable specified.

When the function is false

var(double) =3

If Var(double) = 4? => true. (It shows true, when eqality sign is "=" it will always show true.

Again, it was working in previous versions. It isn't working now.

2016/10/07 21:05:57
yes it is not working since last update. I have reported that issue since update was released. You can downgrade to previous working version if you are running it through whitehatbox app. My bad i was using directly through shortcut and can't downgrade. In fact created one thread here if anyone can provide me older version i.e. V4.1.4 but with no success.
2016/10/08 06:29:19
Please update it to the latest version.
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