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content bomb scraping google

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I am confused how to proceed. I add google in online content. I set domain and filter to google and the keyword I want. Not sure why there is a search engine selection but I selected google.

I search results, filter and save. Not sure why I need to do this and why i am saving articles this way. I save but dont see those articles also. This doesnt seem to help anything anyway.

I then go to add and get a place to put source url. I use google.com. I hit button says get source code and error pops up get the page source code failed. Chk my network. I go to browser and google comes up fine.

Even if this did work I would not know next step. Worst part is i go to video and all I here is a horrible computer voice telling us how to use some parts of this but cant understand a thing it is saying.

It would be nice to at least read something that would help or if someone had similar issue I could not find any. Frustrating without any written documentation

Some help please

2016/09/13 02:59:04
Sorry, we cannot understand what you mean, you'd better to send the screenshot of the problem to us. Also i suggest you to view the video first, we have introduced all parts, and you can post the part here that you cannot understand, thanks
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