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Password confirmation

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Well, that's where I'm stuck.

Forms with a field for a Password and directly after that another field to Confirm said Password. I get to the point where i can create a variable for the first one, but obviously the variable for the second field will be different from the first. So the form won't be validated on the server's side.

Any help appreciated.

2014/05/20 22:32:29
Sorry, don't understand what are you talking about?
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2014/06/02 13:13:10

Here's what I need to do...

Create 1000 user accounts on one of my sites. I have .csv files with 1000 usernames, 1000 passwords and 1000 emails.

The fields in the signup form:

1. Username

2. Email

3. Password

4. Confirm Password

I'm really looking for a tut since I thought a simple form would be easy to do. I watched the Yahoo acc creation tut but that doesn't help much for somebody who's working with a number of specific accounts with specific emails and specific passwords that need to be used.

2014/06/04 21:50:45
Hi, you can use an init table variable to save your information. It will be fit for you need
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