Scattered and messy data createsconfusion, and Outlook users are no exception. Outlook users save their emaildata in the PST file format; in PST files, all the email data comes in a singlePST file. In many scenarios, users need particular data according to theirrequirements. Many users want to split PST by year to separate email datayear-wise. Having email data year-wise or category-wise helps in email datamaintenance, and for this, how to split PST by year is a very prominentquestion.

For this categorization, the Shoviv PST Splitter offers a straightforward utility boosted by manyuser-centric features. Users can split PST by year, size, date, and folderusing this professional tool. It is also capable of creating both PST types:ANSI and Unicode. This tool can easily handle any PST file size and easilysplit as per the required criteria. After separating, the folder hierarchy andmeta-properties remain intact. No technical expertise is needed to break PSTfiles by year; its simple GUI makes it easy to operate and get the desiredresults. The best thing is that a free demo version is also available, whichhelps users to check the tool before purchasing.