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Operating System:Windows 10

Operating System Bit:64bit

Software Version:SC 4

Dear Brother, I set up spinner chief 4 settings as shown in the pictures of spinnerchief settings and did some spinning then I found following bugs. Please help me regarding these problems.

1) Spinnerchief is spinning the protect words. Snapshot 1 is attached.

2) Spinnerchief is not responding most of the sometimes while adding protect words. The snapshot 2 is attached.

3) While batch spinning text files, spinnerchief has two problems. I have attached Snapshot 3 for explanation.
1) It doesn't spin all files. E.g If I want to spin 100 text files. Then it will spin may be 1-10 then it will spin 16-20 and the same way it skips some of the files while spinning.
2) The numbering of the unspun and spun files are not same. This creates big problem while comparing the unspun and spun files with each other and their quality of spinning. For example if the unspun file is numbered 100 then the same file after spinning will be given number 1001. Which is a big problem for comparing both of the files with each other.

2016/04/20 01:37:46

Hi, sam2211

we will check that and then reply to you as soon as possible, so please wait patiently.

2016/04/20 02:50:50

1. The protect words are case sensitive, so please make sure that you are adding right words.

2. How many protect words have you added?

3. It should be a settings problem, do you have a skype? I can help you there to check and set it for you fast.

Let's ROCK!
2016/04/27 10:26:00
Now it's working fine but this time, my license is not working. Can you please check? Yes, sam.haider73 is my skype name. I will be happy for your response.
2016/04/27 21:53:22

Hi, sam2211

very sorry for the inconvenience, please check your mail, our support have answered you. thanks

Btw, next time, please post one thread for the same thing, thanks

Wish you have a nice day!

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