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Random Number Processing BUG

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Operating System:Windows 7

Operating System Bit:64bit

Software Version:3.8.9

Problem: Random Processing generates random sources, but not randomly enough.

Test1: I ran 10 trials, with 10 different sources, to generate 4 Columns of Random Data.

Column1 = Words

Column2= Words

Colum3= Words & Numbers

Column4= Words & Numbers

There was mostly double repeats per column of data.

I repeated the process and had the same results.

Then for the final test,

I increased the sources to 20, and ran 10 trials, to generate 4 Columns of Data

(for a potential work around, to generate results more randomly til this BUG is fixed)


Column1 had 1 repeating word 3 times (firstword x3)

Column2 had a set of 3 duplicate words (firstword x2, secondword x2, thirdword x3)

Column3 had a set of triples, 2 doubles of numbers (#1 x3, #2 x2, #3 x2)

Column4 had a quad and double (#1 x4, #2 x2)

What this means is each column had 20 potential different values to be selected.
The odds of picking the same value has a 1/20 probability.

The bot randomly picked the same number at least 33% percent of the time, which is a failure, considering each number had a .05% chance to be picked. In this final test, no number should have been randomly picked twice, and even then, it should have been only 1 occurrence at maximum

Solution: Random Number Processing needs to be highly optimized for more randomly generated data.

Note: The results does show that letters/words have a lesser chance of being selected repeatedly, whereas numbers have a much higher chance of being selected repeatedly.

2016/01/14 02:14:03
Hi, greyhat, we have got your message, you should better post some screenshots of the settings or your test bot here, and we will check that asap. sorry for the inconvenience.
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