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Isolating BotChief Runner Window

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Operating System:Windows 7

Operating System Bit:64bit

Software Version:3.8.9

While (debug on) & running my bot in the runner, I noticed that if the debuggin runner window is up, and if you do anything with your mouse or keyboard, it will throw the runner off of its routine.

What I mean is that only way the runner will run perfectly fine is if I do not bother my keyboard or mouse while the debug runner window is open. If the bot is inserting characters, like password, and if i move the window, or use my keyboard on a different area outside of the debug window, like my browser, notepad, ect., then the passwords will not match.

The runner window needs to be completely isolated from the rest of the desktop, so that outside input on the desktop does not interfere with whats going on inside the debug window.

I know that I can minimize the debug window, but I'd like to freedom/option to visually monitor the progress whenever I deem fit.

2016/01/10 23:15:52
When you run your bot on botchief runner, some operations need to use mouse and keyboard to simulate, and it is just like to send the operation to the computer. When you finish this, there is no need to use the mouse and keyboard to do the operation again on the debug window. Or else it will bring some interference for botchief runner to run your bot.
2016/01/11 03:44:12

Hi and thanks for your response April. I understand what you're saying.

I guess what Im trying to ask/suggest is that if the runner can be updated to not let interactions from outside of runner interfere with whats being executed from inside of runner.

Lets say I want to create 200 emails, I'd like to be able to visually monitor the debug window, while Im surfing the web, watching a movie, or perhaps creating another bot. I guess I'll just minimize my the browser window and continue with my routine for the time being.

One thing I haven't tested yet is, even if i minimize the runner window, will my input...surfing the web interfere with the runner. If so, then this needs to be implemented as soon as possible, because others may not want to sit & watch their bots work (like I desire to)

Again, thank you April :)

2016/01/11 05:08:06
This is up to how do you make your bot , if in your bot , you use some keyword or mouse simulate action, then when you run the bot, you can't operate your computer, else it will get a problem. If you don't use any keyword or mouse simulate action in your bot, it is not problem to run these bot when you play with your computer at the same time.
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2016/01/11 15:41:12

Thanks WHB,

In the Free version, I only used the keyboard simulate. The mouse simulate isn't available.

But while using the Runner, I only moved my mouse around, which still interfered with the runner.

Its not that big of an issue, I guess I could just launch the Runner at night while Im sleeping (if I use keyboard sim)

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