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Even Better Product In 2016

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I'd like to thank the team/dev/support for making this bot possible. I do like it, and its quite handy as is. But it could become MUCH MORE POWERFUL if you:

monitored & responded more frequently on the forums

quickly implement possible feature requests

The biggest thing that I'd like to request for now is that you guys you use multiple server activations.
I have not been able to use my bot at all today, and im sure others couldn't use theirs either. I can only imagine how ANGRY paid customers are right about now.

Under no circumstances shall customers be NOT allowed to use their PAID software. I dont know how difficult it will be to add multiple servers, but that will make existing & future customers more confident in your product.

I'd like to also THANK you for not making a product that is extremely buggy

2016/01/11 05:15:27
we will try our best to make BotChief better and better.
Let's ROCK!
2016/01/12 03:25:59
Im looking forward to it
2016/01/12 21:52:58
Hi, @greyhat, very thanks for your suggestion and support. have a nice day!
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