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Record & Save Feature does NOT work

ReplyThanks 2016/01/08 22:46:38 0 0

Operating System:Windows 7

Operating System Bit:64bit

Software Version:3.8.9

I doubled checked your site to make sure that this feature is included by default in the free version.

However, it tells me that I have no rights to use this feature.

I really need to try to use this feature so that I can try to find how to be able to select the manual recaptchas that Im attempting to solve since I cant figure out how to use the "captcha" function to manually select the images for gmx acct creation.

WhiteHatBox Software Version 1.2.1

2016/01/09 11:40:26

It is there actually!

It just records function which do not require variables

It is not however that efficient

Manually creating actions seem more efficient

Also, like i said in the other thread recaptcha cannot be directly used! You need to twist your brain a bit for it

2016/01/10 02:46:59

Twist my brain? LOL LOL

Im already twisting my brain to figure out how to make my first bot lol. Out of all of the other similar softwares, and even with the LACK of documentation, I think I'll enjoy using botchief as my primary go to app to for small bots.

Oooohhh, I think I just got a very 2 very great idea to solve them, I just wouldn't know how to implement it.

Hopefully one of the support staff come over and give some input.

2016/01/10 02:49:26

I do have a lot of faith that the Dev/Support/Mods will start supporting this product much more, and make it even better than what it already is in 2016.


2016/01/10 03:11:55

1 other thing, you're using PRO version. Im using the FREE version.

The button does exist in the free version, but when I click it, it tells me I have no rights to use it.

I was trying to record just going to google, nothing that involved variables, and it would not let me.

2016/01/10 09:06:23

There's more than enough videos of botchief to make you understand the basics



And the youtube channel of whitehatbox and spinnerchief

I am not a staff too xD had to figure it all out of myself! You need to understand you cant do everything in the first few days of botchief! Trying doing trial and errors and mainly watching those videos since they cover almost everything

Took me 3 months to completely understand botchief

2016/01/10 16:48:44

Please do NOT assume that Im just being too lazy, because I've watched EVERY video, SEVERAL times. I've been watching the videos since a few months back before I even ran botchief to get a very thorough understanding about how it works, and what I could potentially use botchief for, which is why Im just now starting to attempt to create my 1st bot.

I've been trying to figure it out myself, and the videos do NOT address this particular issue. I've tried trial & error, and no matter what I try or do, that function does NOT work in the free version, as its stated on botchief homepage. This is NOT a user error, this is either false info on the botchief homepage or its a major bug that has not been addressed yet!

Im not trying to do everything in the first few days, Im trying to do very simple, basic & elementary stuff in the 1st few days.

Can the existence of the RECORD function video be found ANYWHERE on the net? NO!

2016/01/11 05:14:45
I am sorry, that is our fault, the record function is only in paid version. We are going to remove it from the free version list on the site.
Let's ROCK!
Harvey Norman
2016/01/11 12:12:15

I am using elite version and the record button is grayed out . How to even begin to use it?

Harvey Norman
2016/01/11 21:34:05
9 # Harvey Norman 1/11/2016 12:12:15 PM

I am using elite version and the record button is grayed out . How to even begin to use it?

Hi, Harvey Norman, the Record function is available in BotChief elite version.

First, you need to create a module, and then select the module.

Now, when you select the Record function, it will be available for you.

if there is any problem, please feel free to have a contact with us.

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