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A Simple Bot to Search Keywords and Save the Results Automatically on Bing

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Download this bot, please visit this link


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2020/04/12 02:34:50

hi, i wanted to create a google search bot that searches a keyword and find your site and then clicks it, but there's some points that i don't understand,

1) how the bot make a google search just with a simple keyword without any other farther resources and find your sites in thousands of other sites, and then clicks it??

2) i'm working on the other bot but there's some issues i'm facing with, when a set a bad proxy, the load url times out and the bot stops automatically then requires to start over ( start the module again ), so i wanted to know how to keep the bot working without stopping, for example you created a similar bot which is proxy detection, and this bot i just realized that this bot has this cool feature, can you please explain me how it works, or can you provide me google search module then i take a closer look at it's functions??

2020/04/14 18:15:40

1, This requires regular expressions to match the search results to your website. Specific you can try according to the above video operation

2, The timeout period can be set longer. If it is a geckofx version of the module, you can select the third option in Load Option, it will not always get stuck.

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