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BotChief Editor Videos

BotChief Editor Start Video

BotChief New Add Command

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BotChief Multi Level Control Selection Way

BotChief Scraper Using Multi Level Control Selection Way

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2014/02/05 11:17:03

Hi support,

I've downloaded Bot Chief twice now just to see if I did something wrong the first time. But I still come up with the same download instead of Bot Chief 1.1.2 I get Bot Chief 2.0 and the download instructions look nothing like these. Can someone help me?

Thanks so, so mush,


[email protected]

2014/02/07 23:30:37

bot chief 2.0 is the newest one now.

Can you please post an image to show what is the software you got?

It should be same to the video.

Let's ROCK!
2014/02/22 15:28:00
I'm sorry but I uninstalled it thinking there would be a new download to install. To be honest I never posted an image before so I'm not sure how :(
2014/02/23 12:38:35
you can send the picture to my email - [email protected], I will check it.
Let's ROCK!
2014/03/23 13:23:07


connect to all of users 'connections' on myspace 'connections' page

1) all it needs is to click all the circle on people profie pic

2) scroll right and continue till done

(2b) sometimes dialogue box comes up if they require approval, ignore it

2014/05/21 19:09:49

Ok, I have a question...

Is it possible to set up a bot that takes values from an external file? The idea is that the bot is set up to use particular details to register for a service, and easily change to another set of details without having to go through all the setvalue boxes and change to a different user.

If got it running nicely with the values entered directly into the bot, but if I need to change the values, it's a bit time consuming.

My idea is to have a file with a person's first name, surname, address and a few other things that can be entered and then changed quickly by altering a single file instead of every single value



2014/05/22 03:58:44

Also is there a way to choose a particular control automatically based on the information it contains? What I'm trying to do it book a particular time and date from a list that's available on the screen.


2014/06/09 02:31:39
How about the video tutorial of Creating Multiple Twitter and Gmail account. Can you post also a video tutorial. Thank you so much....
2014/07/26 10:53:29
Hello I got a txt. file with different names but the bot fills in all names in one texte field. Please hekp
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