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Content Bomb Does Not Get Tier 1 Content for GSA

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I'm currently using X-Spinner, Content Bomb and Duplicate Sniper for content generation. Content Bomb does not generate any Tier 1 content for any platform. is there something wrong with the software?

2015/08/21 22:52:34
Also, it would be great if Content Bomb had better training materials for the user. Finally, Content Bomb doesn't generate Tier 2 or Tier 3 content for GSA. Can this be added to the software?
2015/08/22 02:17:35
Hi, Lemmy777. Sorry for the inconvenience, our programmer will check and help you solve this problem asap.
2015/08/22 10:48:37

Thanks, also, I sent a private message surrounding my order for Duplicate Sniper (never got my license key - paid for the software on 7/10/15 and 7/15/15).

Back to Content Bomb, how long will it be until I hear back from the programmer? It's sad that I've paid for the Pro package and I'm looking for other content generation software now as Content Bomb doesn't seem generate content and has hardly any support/documentation.

X-Spinner has been an awesome addition and is truly a great product. Thank you for developing it and all of your software. I look forward to hearing from someone soon.

2015/08/23 22:05:37
We will add the new features in the future version. Thank you for your feedback.
2015/09/13 20:24:03

It been quite a while and I still haven't gotten my problem solved. I've even tried to meet with someone via Skype. Will someone be able to help me with this software or can I have a refund?

2015/09/14 21:43:23

Hi Lemmy777, We always works to add some new features.

In fact, you can create any Tier content by contentbomb, like tier1,2,3.

Because content source , your scrape rule and mix rule decide the Tier you got, you can set these by yourself, so the tier is up to you.

The real problem is that there is no a good video or document to show the whole functions. We are working on creating many good videos to show how to use contentbomb well. Please give us few more time.

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