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combining 2 table columnes to 1 new variable

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Hello its me again,

so i try to create a program for an email provider and im nearly done with it. only problem for me is to set a username.

My Idea is to create a username with my previous data informations like firstname+lastname+randome number = username

problem is that i thought the variable operate function is exactly what i need but it does not seem like working for me.

So i got 1 big table with 6-7 Column. Every Column got massiv input like first name (50 names) last name (50 names) etc etc. now the bot should take 1 random first name and 1 random last name and combine them together to a new variable.

any thought or examples how i can do that ?

thanks so far

2015/08/16 22:18:53
I think you need another table to store the first name or last name. You can't get 1random first name and 1 random last name from a table at once.
2015/08/17 11:59:22

ok and with which function i can combine the columnes of the 2 tables together ?

i have 1 table with the name 1 table with the subname.

now i need a function to mix them randomly up

2015/08/18 01:25:58
Use 'Variable Operate', and select 'Appends the strings' option in Processing way.
2015/08/18 04:35:33
Yeah thats what i used so far. Problem is the 2 variable you can choose cant be a table. Its need ti be a string
2015/08/18 05:54:18

You need create two string variables and use 'Variable Operate'->'Get value(s) from table' to get the name and subname from the table. Also you can delete the row after using it.

2015/08/18 11:29:13

dont think i rlly understand it. i explain what i tryed.

I created 2 tables.

1 for firstname

1 for lastname

i created 2 Strings

1 for firstname

1 for lastname

tables are filled with the txt informations via default variable.

the string variables are empty

so these are my settings of the variables and of the first variable operation


these are the settings of the 2 variable operation


still its not working maybe i did something wrong

i posted my script below maybe you can take a look at it thanks


2015/08/18 22:21:05
Ok, I will check it.
2015/08/18 23:27:42

I write a test example, please check it. test20150819

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