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BC couldnt find 90% of the Website functions

ReplyThanks 2015/08/02 16:44:37 0 0

Hello BC im using here and there your tool and to be honest several Times its just annyoing as hell that the bot cant find the tasks of Websites like Buttons etc. Allways i get on a Point where i cant continue my Script cause BC cant find the Buttons etc of websites.

IM working on a Script where my Program should complete a Surcey but BC cant find the Buttons of the Survey or even if i do it manual he cant find fields etc at the Survey.


here a screen what im talking about.

Normaly he should click the first tab called "einfach Ihre Daten ein" but he cant find this Tab like all the other.

If i do it manual and leading to the Survey. again he cant find any of the fields.

Would be nice if someone could explain if im doing something wrong or what the problem is.

here also my project its rlly at his early steps and allready problems.

dont be confused cause of the proxy and run program im not sure what i will use later.

Thx for any help


2015/08/02 23:04:26

Does it need log in? I run the action 'Click Survey', but it doesn't work. You can send email to me ([email protected])

2015/08/03 10:44:50

thy for response. no you dont need a log in just the link.

thats what i talked about BC cant find the actions on the site. on nearly every website this happens to me

2015/08/04 00:22:32

Which item do you want to click on this page? I don't know how to open this form.

2015/08/04 03:50:05
The first one "einfach ihre Daten ein" thats what it need to click. After clicking that the survey i wanna do is opening
2015/08/04 04:24:12
I know what you want to do, but I still don't know how to open this select option window so that I can't write the bot example.
2015/08/04 10:53:22
ah now i maybe know what you mean. Some IP′s arent showing this survey window. i need also to change sometimes the IP to get this window no clue why
2015/08/04 19:46:43

Maybe it need use USA IP ?

@zouchongcq, please use VPN to change your ip to help this user to make an example bot asap.

Let's ROCK!
2015/08/05 06:35:01
Its different some german IP are Working vut USA and other proxys AS well. Need some testing for it not all of my proxys are Working AS well. If its not Working maybe you can tell me how to fix it
2015/08/05 22:44:47

Hi, TurboGolom! I add two actions in your bot, please check it!

If you can't find a control while using 'Select Control', you should try to fill some seek conditions manually to find it.


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