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How To Use The Latest Version of SpinnerChief III in the WhiteHatBox App.

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The newest version of SpinnerChief III fixed some bugs, and made big improvements to Super Spin to generate articles that are more readable, and the update has the sentence spin function now.

The newest version of SpinnerChief III must be used via the WhiteHatBox App.

Please download WhiteHatBox app at >>


Then install and run the Whitehatbox app.

After you run the WhiteHatBox App, go into 'content softwares' , then download SpinnerChiefIII there directly.

After you have downloaded SC3, you can use it directly.

The serial code for SpinnerChief 3 Ultimate beta version is


NOTE: The initial download of SC3 can take some time, please be patient!

Let's ROCK!
2013/12/10 12:51:27
can't wait to try this software
2013/12/10 14:49:32
Does the older beta 3 update automatically or do we have to uninstall and reinstall?
2013/12/10 14:53:42
I would love to check this out. I do lots of content based work every day and need a good solution to "spin". Cheers.
2013/12/10 20:29:08

I stopped using SC after constant issues logging in. Got the email and thought i'd give it one last look over but unfortunately it won't even do that (even tried running whiteboxapp as administrator to no avail). Best of luck...

2013/12/10 21:06:59
I'm having the same issue.
2013/12/10 22:44:13

Success, thank you for the trial. Will beta testers get a little tiny winy discount please.

Works great so for

2013/12/11 02:19:48
spinnerchief help me do work thanks to it
2013/12/11 04:46:35

Thanks for the comment, please leave your suggestion here, we will listen :)

@Anders , @talbottsw

Please try to downoad again, it is working well for us, maybe it was too many people were downloading it and leaded the network problem. And also you can download it again from the breakpoint.

If you still can't get it, you can contact me on skype - chinasunny5, I will help you there to make it work.

Let's ROCK!
2013/12/11 20:10:14
I can't see it in the content software.
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