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BUG Issue of the software Report #1

ReplyThanks 2020/09/10 12:23:06 1 0

Right I have been using the application over 48 Hours and I have come across few bugs which needs to be fixed

BUG 1: Subscribe Function BUG : When we set many accounts and start them to subscribe to a channel then the accounts don't get randomized or used in serial order or reverse. It always uses the first account constantly and rest all accounts remain unused.

BUG 2: Keyword Random Function BUG : For a particular view function when we enter multiple keyword then all the accounts keep using only the first Keyword same issue with internal TEXT and external file import only the first line is fetched, even move line to last row not working.

If there is a fix or anything If I have performed wrong let me know so that it can be rectified.

2020/09/14 17:14:17

Could you export your task and its log, then send it to us? We will check it for you.

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