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YouTube Live Viewing Optimisation issue

ReplyThanks 2020/09/09 20:21:09 1 0

Hello Support Team,

I am new customer of Ultimate Version of your software and I must say I am really liking it. So far in 1-2 days I have setup almost of the application with proper proxies and fingerprint binded to my PVA Google Accounts.

My question is ( Is there any way to just send the cookies to the webpage without actually loading the video playback while live viewing ? If this can be done then we can have more parallel accounts viewing the stream at the same time. )

Currently using 6vCores and 18GB RAM VPS powered by AMD EPYC but still after 10 Accounts it tends to malfunction.

Please respond to the issue so that we can resolve and make this software more better.

2020/09/14 17:10:25
Hello, it can send cookies only and it must load the video page to view.
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