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Questions about Spinner 6 and Content Bomb

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Good day,

How are you? Before you answer a question, I would like to inform you about what my plan is.

I am working on new multiple websites that was previously owned, and I had the rights to it. However some of the archives that I got from archive.org does not have the pictures of those sites.

I came across Content Bomb. My question is, does this program also dig archives? If not, what would be my alternative?

Second question is if I buy the ultimate edition for the Spinner Chief, would I get the elite version of content bomb?

Last question is: What if I buy Spinner Chief 6 lifetime? Would I get Spinner Chief 7 for free also as an update?

2020/08/13 19:58:53

Sorry for the late reply.

I'll consult our programmer about the first question.

And you'll get the pro version as bonus.

Yes, if it is updated to spinnerchief7, you can get it for free if you buy the lifetime of spinnerchief now.

2020/08/14 13:38:42

This is a message from the programmer of ContentBomb.

Since most of the functions of ContentBomb need to be redesigned and modified, the content cannot be scraped temporarily.

Please wait for ContentBomb to be updated.

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