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network error on status

ReplyThanks 2020/07/23 05:46:49 0 0

I just using 1 days trial and already get this trouble...

debug window login OK


open another browser


Then it closed...whoops my status goes to Network Error



I ve already download xullnull from 29 to 60 steps if u ask..

I ve already click the cache button if u ask..

I ve already asking u at support at whitehatbox ( been 12 hrs now and still no answer )

If this continue i ll ask refund for this program, dowsnt work at all beside only Proxy manager been tested

2020/07/23 12:36:12

this is sample of bad company, they neglected such potential customer.

its not about program issue here, but the availablility of your support toward customer is really bad.

So anyone who wants to invest on this program, i ll suggest them to think wisely before it become your misery.

2020/07/28 15:57:43

Is there something wrong with debug window? It show Network Error? Can you send us a screenshot about your problem.

Or could you tell us the support ticket number, we will check for you.

2021/02/12 03:28:20
same issue months later
Anna Zhou
2021/03/09 16:20:14

Can we know first what did debug window show before it closed automatically?

Was there any error?

Can you send us a picture showing your problem?

Or you can contact us for help at our after-sale support::http://support.whitehatbox.com


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