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The Swag Panda

application couldn't ve started correctly

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how to fix this please??

2020/07/14 11:26:56

What software are you using please? From your screenshot, it shouldn't be from BotChief Editor.

Waiting for your news.

The Swag Panda
2020/07/14 12:12:19

that's a custom compiled module, but when i open it i get that error message

any help please??

2020/07/14 14:21:16

I just consulted the programmer, and were told that complied module doesn't have this hint too.

Where did you get the compiled module please? If you have the original module, you may try to re compile it, and see if it works.

The Swag Panda
2020/07/14 16:29:43
sorry it's not about a module, it's a compiled project, but anyways since the problem is not about the software and it's within my pc, then i'll try something else like using other pc
2020/07/15 10:57:44

Where did you get the project please? You may try to re compile it, and see if it works.

I double consulted the programmer and confirmed the compiled project doesn't have such a hint.

The Swag Panda
2020/07/16 20:52:35

hi, the problem was fixed when i tried the bot on another pc, so this means that the problem wasn't about the bot

i've got one more question, is there anyway to " pause " a running module instead of " stopping " it, if not, in near future updates, please tell the programmer to add this feature, it will be very helpful

2020/07/17 15:23:28
Add a Sleep command in your project, then set a pause time. When your project runs to this step, it will pause a while, then will continue to run.
The Swag Panda
2020/07/17 16:45:19
no, i mean like whenever i want to pause the module at any time i want, just by clicking a button then the module pause till i play back the module, it kind works like " add break point " but not the same
2020/07/17 17:53:39

Sorry, it doesn't have such a function at present.

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