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can't even do any thing for just 2 seconds

ReplyThanks 2020/05/11 21:11:56 0 0

any time i try to use botchief editor, i always get this error

{ p5_Attempted to read or write protected memory. this is often an indication that other memory is corrupt. }

2020/05/18 14:08:45

Programmer says its a problem with browser components, and we have not found a solution for the time being.

What situation did this error occur please? will it be solved if you replace the pc?

Waiting for your news.

The Swag Panda
2020/07/29 16:10:18

hi, may i know any possible way to reduce high memory usage of the debugging windows, i'm working on gecko 45, what if i change the browser for example change browser to gecko 33, will the bot use low RAM??

my bots runs multiple threads at the same time like 10 threads, so in this case probably it's about 1GB of RAM, what if someone has just 4GB RAM on his pc, in brief is there any way to force the bot to use low RAM??

2020/07/29 17:47:16

Thank you for contacting us,

I have consulted the programmer, and here is his reply:

We cannot make sure if it will reduce the usage of RAM after you changed the Gecko from 45 to 33.

We will try to optimize the usage of RAM in the future if we can, you can wait for the news.

The Swag Panda
2020/08/05 14:32:41
is it possible to set proxy in an individual browser tab, or a single proxy operates in the whole browser tabs??
Laura Lee
2020/08/26 17:53:01
Hi. If your problem has been solved, please ignore my reply. If your problem has not been solved, please create a support ticket at http://support.whitehatbox.com/. Thanks.
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