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danny wayn

i can't compile a module

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Hi, can somebody help me with this???

after compiling my modules or project, things are working great, but when I run the software, i'm getting this error >>> File broken_9!

please if you know how to fix this, i really need your help, please reply and help me out


danny wayn

2020/03/18 10:39:40

Is the module created by yourself? Try to use your own module to compile and see if the situation is the same.

What version of BotChief are you running?

Waiting for your news.

danny wayn
2020/03/18 12:22:29
hi, thanks for your reply, yes i'm using my own custom modules, but later i tried it again and things works now
2020/03/18 16:46:29

Ok good to know.

If the same thing happens next time, you can share your module with us, and tell us the detailed steps about what you did, we will test it for you.

Please feel free to contact us if you need more help in the future.

danny wayn
2020/03/20 15:29:29
hi, i'm still facing the error, how can i share the module and check the problem for me please??
danny wayn
2020/03/20 15:31:30
how can i text you inbox??, DM i shall send you my module
2020/03/23 09:54:49

Contact us in following platform with the forum post link attached, then we can see what happens.


Waiting for your news.

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