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Spinnerchief 6 is not working

ReplyThanks 2020/02/02 21:15:10 0 0

Hi, Support

My Spinnerchief 6 is not working.

When I click on Run button then appears the an error window(screen shot attahched).

Please provide me the solution.

I am contacting you privately because now a days SC complaint increasingly rapidly.


Alamgir Hossain
2020/02/03 23:15:24

My SpinnerChief6 does not start either. An allert with an update is issued, but nothing can be pressed!

Lily Brown
2020/02/04 16:49:12

Please delete the downloaded Spinnerchief 6 and re-download and update the SpinnerChief 6 in WhiteHatBox v1.3.5.

If you encounter a problem updating the software after clicking Run, you can try clicking the WhbPack application in the software folder to get the update.

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