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View is not stop! and BOT is not working well.

ReplyThanks 2019/12/10 16:55:36 1 0


Everything is not working well now.

1. views task is not stop, and all of views task also working simultaneously.

2. old cokies when tasks run is not been erased, and run old searching keywork.

how can i do now?

2019/12/10 17:08:03
Please don't run too many tasks at a time. Have you checked these proxies before using them?
2019/12/11 09:26:56

dear! i bought proxy in stormyproxy as recommend. 97$ package.

and i set one proxy one account.

bot is not run well if open many tasks, it run for my opponents too. lmao~

unfortunately, tool is not working simultaneously many tasks, and i feed waste my money. :(

2019/12/12 17:12:53

It's suggested to check the proxies before using them, no matter where you get.

Please set the thread according to the performance of your computer. Usually, 4 or 5 threads would be ok.

2019/12/13 08:56:40

i'm sure about my desktop and proxies (from stormproxies as recommend in your tool), it's enough strong to run many tasks.

but tasks was not been run simultaneously.

and tasks was not been able to closed after run all duration in setting, it run for opponents after that.

can you help fix it?

2019/12/16 17:43:59

You mean it go to the page not in your task? Could you export your task and send it to us?

2019/12/23 18:25:37
Thank you, we will check it.
2019/12/24 16:36:06

In the screenshot you sent, the proxy is null, please make sue you have bound it successfully. There is no problem with the task you sent, about going to your competitor, could you please check if there is wrong with that url? Or you could contact us through support ticket, send the task and record a video to us.

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