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( Retweet ) ( Favorirt )

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I hope put option worth of jobs ( Retweet ) ( Favorirt ) will be a solution to all

Options such strange and incomprehensible jobs or find the answer
from resolved, as well as explain when those jobs through the
video did not mention how it works only name mentioned options.

I had asked for resolve in many ways I did not find any mention
of the response by Musharraf to resolve that problem.

Or ways of how to work these jobs ..
Are you Tjabon on what you want only this what we see

I want business carried out the following:
50 (Retweet) its note for each new
20 (Favorirt) its note for each new
And the application of that task to re-Tweet
And the exclusion of its work on all tweets

See that each task is determined based on that task took all tweets
We would like to modify or add those options to the job properly
like other programs or scripts Tweets

I hope to answer and explain a way that's beneficial to all ..
I am sure one would not be able to answer

Know that he had asked all
2015/05/28 23:35:01

Hi, Thanks for your advice. We will consider carefully whether adding this feature. And we will feel free to contact you.

Best wishes!

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