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File MD5 Code Error Windows 10

ReplyThanks 2019/11/28 14:49:05 0 0
Cant download Spinnercheif 6 on my windows 10 machine.

I get an error - FIle MD5 Code Error , please re download

Andy Mason
2019/11/28 15:32:10
Yes me too! Sent email to support, waiting for reply. The direct download does not work either.
AJM Web Services
Lily Brown
2019/11/29 11:27:02

You can check if some anti-virus software on your computer has deleted some files of SpinnerChief.

What problem did you encounter using the separately downloaded SpinnerChief?

Lily Brown
2019/11/29 18:21:38
In addition, please refresh when downloading software in Whitehatbox v1.3.5, programmers have fixed this issue.
2019/11/30 16:52:03
me too , cant finish installation coz of md5 error , antivirus already off , same as windows defender , firewall too , how to fix this issue ?
2019/11/30 19:10:21
Me too, please fix this issue #followup
Lily Brown
2019/12/04 17:00:10
Please refresh and try again.
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