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Questions about Botchief for an upcoming project

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Hello Guys,

Im a long Time User of Botchief but discontinued many of my Projects because Botchief allways annoyed me somehow. Was it cause of missing or not correct working functions, broken patches which fucked up some things, the missing Tutorials or the complicated GUI with his functionality.

Now some time has passed and i wanna give Botchief a new chance but before im starting with brainstorming and working on things which arent working later and wasting a lot of time im asking before im going to work with it xD

So im giving you a short preview about what my project is about.

1. i wanna create a tool with an GUI where people can create different E-mail Accounts (the user can mark the provided Hoster the bot is detecting it and creating a E-Mail Account). (should be possible right)

2. The needed informations takes the bot out of different Text files (also possible i know that)

3. making a table with 2 columns. 1 with all possible websites and the 2 column where the user can drag or select from column 1 the websites he want (should be possible)

4. Using anticaptcha and Proxys (possible as well as far as i know)

5 how system hungry is botchief ? i want the tool to be multithreaded which isnt really possible if the browser and functions eat tons of memory or processorpower

6 is it possible to hide Browsers ? Other automationtools have something where you can turn on/off the browser so it wont show up and takes less ressources ?

7. how safe are programs created with botchief ? easy to crack them or bypass them ?

8. how dependent is my software from botchief. I mean some patches fucked the software up here and there will that affect my tool as well ? or when your website has technical difficulties is my bot affected from it ?

9 just to get an small overview but can you tell roughly how big the botchief team is ? just asking to get an eye for how big this company is, how fast updates are pushed out and all that kind of things.

thanks for all your answers and help

2019/09/30 06:07:02
Botchiff could be the best software of its counterparts. You can do a lot of what you ask.

But it can give you hemorrhoids.
Module Development - [email protected] // Thanks - https://ko-fi.com/arbots
2019/10/02 16:26:22
That's why I'm asking. Had a lot of trouble with easy scriptable,recordable things and it was an pain the ass to get thinks to work which are very clear and easy. I was hoping they made things easier,clearer and better working than 1 year ago xDAlso I used some software written with botchief and it has some performance issues like it's lagging/having delay on pressing buttons. Not sure if that's an generell issue with it, cause that would be pretty bad for larger project'sBut would you recommend to work with botchief even if it's about programs you wanna sell?
2019/10/02 23:32:32
I will answer this way. You can write modules using the botchiff, and rather complex modules, some of my modules have more than 800 commands. But it will cost you considerable effort, more than you could spend.

The main problems are bugs, sometimes strange behavior, when you don’t understand what is happening at all, some flaws in the interface that might not have been, lack of documentation and active support.

Yes, you can write almost any module of complexity. But it will cost you an effort.
Module Development - [email protected] // Thanks - https://ko-fi.com/arbots
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