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Eric Newlin

Tube assist pro requirements

ReplyThanks 2019/09/18 03:51:50 0 0

Does Tube assist pro have certain requirements? Does it need a certain internet browser?

Any other requirements? I still can't get it to verify my youtube accounts because of network error. I have downloaded the xulrunner files and placed them as instructed and am looking for other ideas.


2019/09/18 08:55:50

Please go to check if these files (xulrunner29.0, xulrunner33.0, xulrunner45.0 ) are in this path: C:\Program Files (x86).

You anti-virus software may delete one of them automatically when you run the software.

If they are in this path, please bind IP and fingerprint to your account, then try to check your account again.


Select the account you want to set, then click IP, then click OK to complete the modification. After it is done, the message you get in IP Message column will be bind.


Do the same, then click Ok to complete the modification.

2019/09/18 14:07:53


Where do I download TubeAssistPro Ver ? There are so many error in current version. I sent debug folder to support team but no one reply me

2019/09/18 16:43:18

Here is the download address of tubeassitpro v


Please let us know if you have any prpblems when you are using the latest version.

Cotton Creations
2019/09/20 02:26:04

I'm having the same issue. I have all the xulrunner files in the Program Files x86 folder. I added a proxy and binded the IP and fingerprint both said success and have a bind status. But I'm still getting an error message when trying to link my account. What else can be done to fix this issue?

Is anyone else using a virtual machine because you have a Mac?

Eric Newlin
2019/09/20 05:53:27
I continue to have the same problem and am not using a Mac. Is a proxy required? I didn't want to buy a proxy until I knew I could get it to work.
2019/09/20 09:07:31

Is there a debug window showing up when you click Start button to check your account?

Does the debug window show your account's login process?

2020/04/22 19:53:14

I am having exactly the same problem

and I am using tube assist Pro 2

when I press start button to check account there is no

debug window showing to simulate inputting option account and password

add after couple of second all I get is network error

I have installed all the requirements needed for this software to work I have followed all the steps necessary

after all I just need to mention I am a Windows user

can someone help us please to get rid of this problem

2020/04/23 15:48:23
Same problem debug window not showing up pls help
2020/04/23 16:43:17

Hello, please check if you are using the latest version, then please check if the debug window is on.

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