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Spinnerchief crashes while comparing articles

ReplyThanks 2019/08/12 21:44:32 0 0
Hi thereI use this application for several months and until recently nothing to say. Article creation is not a problem. However, when I try to calculate the similarity of more than 1000 items, the application crashes and shuts down. this happens when I use the Spin feature and when I use the compare feature. I tried on 3 different machines and I get the same result. I do not find the prerequisites of the application, I do not know whether to change parameters in configuration files or if it is simply a malfunction.Thanks for your help
Lily Brown
2019/08/19 16:01:04
Please don't calculate too many articles at a time. Too many articles run out of memory will lead to crash. Please reduce the number of articles appropriately.
2019/11/13 21:41:45
My computer has 128 GB of RAM. And still there are problems. With this amount of RAM should not be any problem!
Lily Brown
2019/11/14 15:08:09


Please send us your article and some screenshots or videos of your settings if possible, you can send them to [email protected], and our support staff and programmers will check it for you.

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