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advanced tutorials/Scripts for learning

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I know there are 4 Videos or something like that with some explaining about some Functions of the Bot but thats just the simple things. Are there any other Guides/Tutorials/Videos where i can learn all the advanced things like recieving mails, using extern programs, including c# codes etc all that is missing with any explanation about the reqiered fields etc. would be nice if someone can show me some videos or some simple scripts where i can learn the things i mentioned above.

I have an Friend who is using this awesome tool as well and he wanna advertise the program a bit with german tutorials etc but he missed explanations etc about most functions and he didnt learned them all by him self cause he still have some questions about some functions. so tutorials or script exmaples would be awesome thx

also if a mod or admin is reading this i would be glad if you could write me a pm or add me at skype: TurboGolom

cause i have a question about an possibly job i would like to order and wanna talk with you about it

2015/04/16 21:37:08

Hi, Turbogolom. I apologize for not replying you earlier. As you know, we have some videos, and we will make more videos in the later days. Please give us some time that,we will add it asap!

Best wishes!

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