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Customized Software Development Service

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We are one of the best internet marketing software and bot providers in the world, creating high quality, well-known software that has hundreds of thousands licensed users.

Now we are providing a new service, creating high quality customized software and bots to your requirements, developed and delivered quickly to you at an affordable price.

We have provided dozens of customized bots and software for our customers in the past, and they have been happy with our service, so now we have decided to make the service available publicly.

So if you need some software for your marketing or even to sell, look no further!

We are known for our IM software but in fact we can make all types of software.

We understand that every business has its own requirements, so we focus our development to fit your needs. We work with new generation technology to build customized software that will compete in today's advanced and dynamic environment.

Not only can we provide software for you, but we can become your partner, you can work with us in many different ways:

1. Customized software for your own use.
If you need software for your own use, we can develop it for you, we will never supply it to anyone else or release any details about it. We will also provide support and updates for the software.

2. Customized software to sell under your own branding.
If you want to distribute your own software we can not only help you to develop the software, but also provide a robust licensing and security system, auto-update system and payment solutions. If you prefer to source these services yourself, we can advise you on them through our many years of experience in these areas. We can also provide continuous updates and support, allowing you to focus on marketing with no worries about the technical side of the operation.

3. Sell your customized software with us.
Do you have a great idea for software or a service but you don't have the resource to develop it or market it? Talk to us about it, we can create the software and market it on a profit-sharing basis.

4. Other Needs
If you have any other IT requirements or ideas, why not talk to us about them? We can discuss them with you and find a solution.

Whatever your needs, send us an email to [email protected],

we are always happy to discuss further via email.

About Us
We are a software development company based in China with a team experienced in almost all software development tools including .Net, ASP.Net, Java/J2EE, ColdFusion, PHP, C, C++, Oracle, MySQL and MS SQLServer. We can provide both desktop software and web programs.

Our goal is to provide innovative and quality customized software development and IT solutions at an affordable price that satisfies our customers' evolving needs.

We understand that our long-term success depends on good quality, great service and strong relationships because a true partnership requires trust, understanding, and innovation.
Let's ROCK!
2015/04/21 06:51:06
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2015/04/27 13:18:50

The programmer is very kind and friendly. The most important thing is that their work effenvicy is very high. They written the software in a short time for me, pleasant cooperation.

lucky dog
2015/04/29 15:29:36

At the beginning, there was a problem on the installation, but programmer help me solve the problem through the team viewer. According to my requirements, programmer update my software frequently.

2015/05/04 03:18:50

@revstu, I get your concern, creating software itself is a challengingjob, but I get your point after creating software, we need video tutorials forthem to learn otherwise its not of muchuse. I will soon create video for answereyeif whitehatbox team allows me to. I have created videos for TAP3, in case youhave TAP3 you can watch them - https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=2lTSJ8r9O3w

Visit - www.ShashankGupta.net
2015/05/04 11:18:50

Thanks whitehatbox written this software for me with a detailed introduction. It will be better if you make a video for me.

2015/05/07 23:45:11

the software fully meet my needs. one world: awesome.

kongfu panda
2015/05/13 21:57:39

The speed of developing new software is very fast. However, for some personal reason, i demand to refund, but they do not angry but ask me help me solve this, thanks a lot.

2015/05/24 17:39:48

I can use this software on all of my computers. Thanks for the late technical support.

2015/06/13 16:29:34

firstly,thanks for the whitehatbox teams, even if you have given me the detailed description, i still can not understand what is talking about. if there is a video, it will be appreciated. Through contacting with the programmer, he makes a video for me frankly. Besides, they also fixed the bug timely, thanks.

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