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Some Questions about functions and usage of them + generel questions

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Hello guys and hello Team.

i started using your great tool some hours ago and have some Questions about your functions and generel stuff. i got some knowledge with this automation programs, i used the tool with z......

so 1 Question: when is the next Update coming and what does it contain ?

2: will there ever be an script recorder like: press record open site fill site and bot will record every step?

3 Is it possible so far to use a deathbycaptcha Account for the Captcha function? i know you can fill in your DBC account details but where i can configure the captcha function to use the DBC information so i dont need to do the captcha manual?

4 So far i tested some sites to make a script for them and noticed that very often the Tool cant recognize Buttons at the action settings tab any soloution or a way around the normal way to get the informations about buttost etc ?

5 got an site where my program should click a image after that he clicks a 2 image.

does the Tool contains any "find screen" function? i know about the get image function but i have no clue how to use it ? does it fit my function im talking about or is it a completly different function? at the program with z i just put the function in took the screen and done. does this tool have also a function to capture a screen/picture and then he needs to find this screen?

6 Does your tool is currently supporting external proxy usage like HMA ???

thanks for all the answers and help

2015/04/08 01:29:48


1. The new version is released yesterday, it is added many new functions, the biggest one is that you can create yourself software GUI by drag the control, easy very to use, no need any programming language needed.

2. This function is not here now, but we are adding it too, you can expect it in next update in this month.

3. It has the functions already. There is a captcha action to do that.

4. You'd better tell us the site, then we can make a check for you.

5. The screen capture function is under development too, but you can give us the site you are working, I think there should be a way to do it without screen capture, I can help you to check.

6. It can work with HMA.

Let's ROCK!
2015/04/08 08:28:18
Www. neobux.com AS example. Bot can find at sign in the submit button or the show advertisement button everything which are buttons he cant find it. Also username And Passwort he cant remember the field like day 1 after building script he finds the fields from username and passwort, day 2 he cant find the fields from day 1 seems like the bot cabt find the fixed code for these. In my other bot no problems.Example for find Screenshot. If you click an advertisment Theres popping up a red point. following way to do it in a loop is: search for liddle stars at the advertisment click it search for red point click it repeatThats how i did it at my other toolPS sry writing from Handy
2015/04/08 12:39:34
You are right, there are some bugs on that sites. Thanks for the information, we will make a check and fix asap.
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2015/04/09 16:57:48

thanks for taking a look at it.

so far can you explain to me how the proxy set function is working ???

theres popping up a window on the left with variable manager. did i need to save my proxys seperate an an file which is readable with the variable manager??? cause you said its possible via HMA and i think i know how. is it via a special wordexpress like-changeip or something for an c# code or something ???

question 2 is about generating randome numbers between an special area

so how can i make a value randomize a number like

variable "chicken" must be a random number between 1-10 how can i set this up any idea ?

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