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2019/12/26 11:36:58

Hello Admin

Is there any tutorial or video to show how we can use x-spinner with wordpress ?
I have a VPS which I can upload this program to, but there isnt any documentation or any plugin for this that i know of which will enable me to use x spinner with wordpress.

2019/12/30 15:34:37

You need to download the third plugin in your wordpress, then set the connection address to the address displayed in x-spinner.

Jo Glaser
2020/01/17 01:47:38

i have a wordpress plugin that use spinrewriter api. How can i setup developer version that a api request of the plugin on the shared hosting of my provider works with the plugin?

thank you

2020/01/17 14:00:09
Start the x-spinner on the shared host and use the WordPress plugin to connect to the shared host's ip plus the corresponding port of x-spinner. Pay attention to the text content sent and write it according to the development document.
Jo Glaser
2020/01/17 18:20:01

so i need to upload and run a exe file via ftp to my hosting provider ?

iam unclear about how this should be working out...

2020/01/19 15:18:46
Upload the entire software installation package to the host provider using ftp, decompress and start the x-spinner software, and then use the api interface plus the x-spinner software to set the port number to form a complete api connection for use.
2020/01/28 01:04:35

What wordpress third party plugin you recommend?

Also my X-Spinner is on a different vps which is windows based then my wordpress hosted site which on linux based VPS.

How do i connect them together?

2020/02/03 17:21:10
The method used by different robots is the same as the previous installation method, the difference is that the connection part is used, and the is replaced with the vps ip.

Wordpress connection may require you to write the docking part according to the x-spinner document.

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