• witch14000
  • My topic problem deezer
  • Hello, there is a big problem with deezer.Il is a premium advertisement that prevents the software from load.By advance thank you to solve this problem
  • 9-7 18:26
  • witch14000
  • My topic pb spotify with the new ver...
  • Hello, Big problem with the new version of aiostream. Since the update spotify no longer works at all properly. When he opens my page he puts a dog picture before and then my music, then not even play 30 seconds and quit while returning to the beginning while with the old version I had no problems. And it possible to put back the old version or the correction because the ca does not work any more ... Thank you in advance
  • 8-13 16:34
  • witch14000
  • My topic setting the spotify table
  • Hello, Can you explain to me how to fix the spotify table so that a track can play every 36 seconds? In advance a big thank you;)
  • 7-5 15:12