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pb spotify with the new version aiostream

ReplyThanks 2018/08/04 01:59:08 0 0
Big problem with the new version of aiostream.
Since the update spotify no longer works at all properly.
When he opens my page he puts a dog picture before and then my music, then not even play 30 seconds and quit while returning to the beginning while with the old version I had no problems.
And it possible to put back the old version or the correction because the ca does not work any more ...

Thank you in advance

2018/08/04 09:55:42

Nah instead of reverting the option to download older versions should be there. I think with a few more tweaks the software will be there.

Try increasing your song playtime or playlist time. I would love for there be a proper definition of play cycle. There is a brief description but it is quite confusing.

2018/08/04 16:52:21

Here is the setting (which worked perfectly with the old version) except the last 2 lines that did not exist

thank you in advance

2018/08/04 17:25:47

Sorry for the late reply.

You can recover it to the old version. But our suggestion is you'd better run the newest version. Because we fixed or add some new function in each update.

Right click the relate software, then you can find the recover button.

Probably the time settings you did wrong. How did you set the duration please?

2018/08/04 17:30:51

Je tourne 6 têtes entre 40 et 45 secondes par les pistes. Mes réglages sont-ils bons s'il vous pla?t?

2018/08/04 17:35:17
I turn 6 heads between 40 and 45 seconds by tracks.Are my settings are good please ?
2018/08/04 17:37:31
I did as you told me to recover the old version but I do not have the link that you have on your screenshot?
2018/08/06 11:20:32

Sorry, any screenshot shares to me about your time control?

Did you run the software alone? Or did you run it under WhiteHatBox app? If you are running it under WhiteHatBox app, then you can find it.

Waiting for your news.

2018/08/06 19:05:16
I tried to deliver the old version but the software asks me to submit the new version each time and impossible to do otherwise?
There is possibility to have the old version if I give you my email?
thank you in advance
2018/08/07 10:33:27

We are so sorry for the inconvenience.

I talked this with the programmer, this software is not allowed to recover it to previous version. Because we fixed some bugs, and you must update it, then it can work.

We are testing Spotify duration settings in our side. Please wait for the news.

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