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  • Hello,  I am considering purchasing this product and currently am running the free version. Before I buy this product I want to make sure I am able to do what I am looking for.  I am pretty much trying to keep item prices and stock I drop ship from Amazon and other online retailers up to date on eBay. So anytime there is a price change on amazon or an item goes out of stock I want to have a action that updates the item I have listed on eBay.  More specifically I am looking to be able to take a div variable from a website like Amazon. The div I would take is the price of a product that changes from time to time. If the price changes I want to have a formula that then updates the item on my eBay page. Or let say the item goes out of stock, then I want to be able to update my eBay page saying I am out of stock as well. There is software out there that does this but I want to have my own bot that I can use for different webpages and retailers outside of eBay and Amazon. If someone can help me go through this process I would much appreciate it! Thank you! 
  • 2017-11-28 03:05