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  • Hey, I'm new to the forums here so Happy Cyber Monday!! I need help in designing a BotChief script that will open a website, let you log in, and click through a set of advertisements for money. (Actually, it might be a scam website template but still...yes, brave I know) It uses a creative yet subtle Captcha recognition system, and I can design up to the point where I can extract the right values that I need, but I cannot reword four src string variables into one operable control variable! Is there a way to reword four embedded values' names such as "3.png" from an src tag into a single variable for an operable control? Does BC use any sort of plug-in that will help me do all this? I would love to use a script on the website using BotChief. Thanks!! Sam
  • 2017-11-29 01:24