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  • Sorry for posting this here, but for some reason my support ticket won't go though: Hi, TubeAssist Pro is not working.   When I try to run it I only get: Network error, please try to login again later.   I am running it from the same computer and have no internet problems.   Please help. Thanks,   Jonathan
  • 11-7 15:6
  • redbluwt
  • My topic NEW PROBLEM / BUG: Google a...
  • NEW PROBLEM / BUG: Google accounts will not login Hi, I am posting here, because the support section is not allowing me to upload images. So after finally getting the program to run again, now there's a new problem, or bug: The accounts will not login to google. Here is a screenshot, as you can see fom the debug window, the program never fills the login data or password, and then just returns a "Network Error" message, on the "Status" bar: Please help, thanks
  • 10-12 18:22