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  • My topic Botchief ERROR! Gecko.Gecko...
  • I'm getting this error when I try to run my bot in botrunner How to fix it? I tried to delete and reinstall still same error
  • 5-17 15:55
  • cyberi
  • My topic cant get botchief editor/ru...
  • I had windows 2012r server on my vps and I reformated it and installed windows 2008 server but I can't get botchief runner/editor to work . I'm getting these error . Can someone help me out? ERROR SCREENSHOOT:
  • 2017-09-30 05:01
  • cyberi
  • My topic botchief is very very slow!
  • I just bought the 197$ version hoping that is faster then ubot since I can run a lot of threads without opening debugger but it looks like I spend my money for nothing! I have made a bot  that posts somewhere(don't want to share the website name) and it has to write like 10-20 words on a text box. So I added 20 + 20 (space) keyboard(web) functions . But they are very slow. I have made the interval on 1-2 milisec. so it writes fast but it takes like 10 second to go to the other functions .  For example. It writes "Hello" then the bot waits 5-10 seconds and then goes to the other keyboard functions and writes for example" My name is" then again 5-10 seconds and to the other one and so on . It take 4-5 min to complete one easy word which is too much for me.  The "set value" is faster but it only works with 1 word when I add 2 or more "set values" they keep deleting each other words .  I have to do 20 keyboard functions because each time the keyboard gets a different word from my list . I have to do like at least 3000 posts or more daily and waiting 5 mins for 1 post is too much. I know I can add like 5 threads but I need to save the memory for other bots . So basically my question is: Is there any way I can speed up the bot or the keyboard function? The bot has a lot of other bugs .
  • 2017-08-09 02:11
  • cyberi
  • My topic I bought urlshortner bot an...
  • Hello, I use a free version of botchief and I bought "Urlshortnerbot" but I can't find or use it / I haven't got an email from them or any serial number? How can I use that bot? The only email I got is from paypal saying that I paid money for botchief/ What should I do?
  • 2017-05-15 03:13