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botchief is very very slow!

ReplyThanks 2017/08/06 20:32:52 0 0
I just bought the 197$ version hoping that is faster then ubot since I can run a lot of threads without opening debugger but it looks like I spend my money for nothing!

I have made a bot that posts somewhere(don't want to share the website name) and it has to write like 10-20 words on a text box. So I added 20 + 20 (space) keyboard(web) functions . But they are very slow. I have made the interval on 1-2 milisec. so it writes fast but it takes like 10 second to go to the other functions .

For example. It writes "Hello" then the bot waits 5-10 seconds and then goes to the other keyboard functions and writes for example" My name is" then again 5-10 seconds and to the other one and so on . It take 4-5 min to complete one easy word which is too much for me. The "set value" is faster but it only works with 1 word when I add 2 or more "set values" they keep deleting each other words .

I have to do 20 keyboard functions because each time the keyboard gets a different word from my list .

I have to do like at least 3000 posts or more daily and waiting 5 mins for 1 post is too much. I know I can add like 5 threads but I need to save the memory for other bots .

So basically my question is: Is there any way I can speed up the bot or the keyboard function?

The bot has a lot of other bugs .
2017/08/07 17:02:52

Please try to check this one, then it will be much faster to find the control. But it will find new control too. So please make sure the seek condition for this control is correct.

2017/08/09 02:11:11

I did not fully understand your message.

If you use 20 Keyboard(web) commands to add lines to the input field (and 20 more to add spaces), it will take a long time, because each command should find required web page element.

First you can create full string containing all the words and spaces, then use only one command New Keystrokes Emulation (web) with selected variable to insert full message.

You can create full message in several ways:

  1. Variable Operate in cycle with Loop or If commands.
  2. Compose String command.
  3. Spintax to normal article processing way in Variable Operate command.

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