• DenkiChou
  • My topic TAP4 quoted retweet support??
  • Hello everyone. Does TAP4 do "quoted retweets" ? It is of the upmost importance that I am able to use quoted retweets. Cant his program do this? I couldn't find out without buying the program and now I am disappointed. 
  • 2-21 17:55
  • DenkiChou
  • My topic How to delay retweet for ea...
  • How do I retweet with multiple account so that they retweet one after another instead of all together? I would like to space my accounts retweet times out. The accounts retweet random tweets, how do I make them retweet the same tweet? Thank you
  • 2018-10-19 07:10
  • DenkiChou
  • My topic Like+Retweet the same tweet
  • I know I can retweet from a certain user everyday or hour or wahtever but I need to know if I can like/favourite that retweet as well. My problem is If I setup retweets and likes/favourites the likes and favourites are random and not places with the reweets. I do not want it random. For example" There are 5 accounts I want to retweet once from each day. I would want 5 retweets 1 per account and for each one of those 5 retweets I will need a favourite or like on them. Basically can I like and retweet the same tweet? Thank you so much.
  • 2018-09-29 04:39