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App does not open

ReplyThanks 2019/01/17 20:27:37 0 0

Hi there,

I'm using v2.1.1 and cannot open the app. This the error screen:

Resultado de imagem para the application stopped working

2019/01/18 10:22:55

Are you using the paid version of PVACreator please? We just tested the newest version v2.1.1, it works well.

If it still won't work in your side, you can try to re install it, then see if it can be solved.

2019/01/18 17:05:06
Yes I'm using the paid version. v2.1.1 does not work at all even after reinstalling several times.
2019/01/18 17:54:33
What operation are you doing please before this one happens? Could you please provide more detailed information to us?
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