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  • One more error on AIOStream. Deezer template [play-tracks-loop] sticks with one track after a few plays. Observe that the list of tracks contains 12 tracks. They start playing ok, but suddenly it sticks with this xxxx112 track as you can see and never change again.
  • 2-18 15:27
  • djmoura83
  • My topic Napster task template not w...
  • hi there, I'm trying to use Napster task template 'Play All' but after one week in contact with the support team they haven't figured out what is going on. Bottom line speaking there are two issues regarding the the previously mentioned template: 1. Seems not to be respecting the PlayTimeMin variable, thus playing the tracks very fast (less than 5s). I tried to edit the variable put it very high and still it changes the track every 5 seconds or even less!  2. Another issue is that even my playlist has 12 tracks it sticks with only one. Very unstable software at the moment. Why did you remove the Play-Track-Loop on this AIOS update? It was working ok! Here are the parameters I'm using: Hope you test more your software before new releases.
  • 2-14 15:35