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Can not run exe File after update botchief 4.6.5

ReplyThanks 2018/01/29 19:40:02 0 0

I can not Run exe File after update botchief From 4.5.9 to 4.6.5. Please give an Example for this action

This is My path file: C:\new\MAXIMIZEWINDOWS.EXE

2018/01/30 14:37:17

I am sorry.

What exe file cannot you run please?

2018/01/30 17:27:21

Hi, this is my Module that i tested: TESTMODULE.dat /editor/attached/file/20180130/20180130171854_3730.dat

Run Sucess this Action on this Module :

Can not run in Botchief 4.6.5

This is My path file EXE

This is my EXE file: /editor/attached/file/20180130/20180130172653_5318.rar

2018/01/30 18:02:22

Sorry for the inconvenience.

i already informed the programmer to check it. Please wait for the news.

2018/01/30 18:28:22

We will fix and release the update next time. Please wait for the news.

Here is the temporary solution:

Try to move the MAXIMIZE WINDOWS.exe file to 129 folder where you can find the BotChiefEditor.exe file.

Then do not enter the file folder path in Run EXE/BAT command's settings.

2018/01/30 19:23:02
Less professional..................................................!
2018/01/31 09:47:00

We know there is a little problem for it. We are fixing it, and will release the update in next version.

Please try the above method, then check if it works.

So sorry for the inconvenience.

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